Equal Tablets Promo: Who is my superwoman?


Are you a contest junkie? Then join the newest promo of Equal to celebrate Women’s Month.

Simply follow the instructions

Go to Equal Philippines Page

Look for the post in their timeline with the a picture of a Superwoman

In the comments section of it, upload a picture of your “Superwoman” (could be your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, wife, aunt, teacher). Add a caption on what makes this special lady your superwoman.

The best caption will win Equal Tablets 200 (2 dispensers). There will be one winner every day from March 21-31.

Join now and give a fitting tribute to the superwoman in your life!‪#‎EqualIsLove‬



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Happy Birthday Mom


Happy Birthday Mom Yes it’s your birthday and we all want to greet you first but many people who loved you greet you already but still we will greet you the best way we can. Happy birthday Mama, no one can ever take your place in our heart. We love you forever and ever, we will always have to thank you for your guidance, your warmth, and the unconditionally love you gave us. We want to thank you for all the strength and advice you gave us to become the person we are now today. We love you from the bottom of our heart; I don’t have any words to say to you because we all know how great you are as a person and as a Mother. You always there for people who need help even though you will suffer the consequences in the end. Happy Birthday Mama enjoy your day with us.

Free Sample Alert: Huggies Dry Pants

To all mommies out there who want to try the Huggies Dry Pants, you can get a free of sample just follow the step

Click the link below


Log in via your Facebook account

Huggies 1

Fill out the form

huggies 2

When you’re done click on the “Get Your Free Sample Now” button

huggies 3

You will get a message like this one

huggies 4

Check your email and please verify it as soon as possible

Afterwards you will see a message that your account has been verified

Wait for a second email within 24-48 hours

Viola! Wait for your sample for 2-4 weeks to be delivered

Remembering your first year


A mother’s love is always the purest and the greatest. No one in this world that can love you unconditionally like your mother. I know that because I have the greatest mom in the world and I love my son very much what ever happen to him in the future. My son will turn two this year and I know I still have plenty of things to do and to learn, one of that is to have lot of patience for my naughty toddler but I still remember every detail about the first year of his life with us. While his growing up I learn lot of things with him, I learn how to breastfeed him, I learn how to adjust my sleep when he only a few weeks old so he can sleep peacefully while I watch him sleep. I learn how to bath him very gently to cuddle him when he need me and to breastfeed him when his hungry. I still remember I’m watching True Blood when I told to my cousin that my lower back is so hurt that I think my going to give birth soon but I also told her that there thing called Braxton Hicks contractions is just like your body is getting ready for the real thing, that night I can’t sleep properly because my abdomen that comes and goes just like I have a menstrual cramps but a little much worse. That morning before I gave birth I told to my husband that I’m not feeling well and I think that my going to give birth soon. They bring me to the hospital at 5:00pm and I got to the true labour at 10:00pm and give birth at 11:09pm I always remember the look of my child when I saw him his eyes is so innocence and I know his happy because I will take care of him as long as he want I still remember his first latch to my breast and I am so glad that he get my colostrum the first perfect food that I can give to my child. I have some struggle in breastfeeding for the first month it was so excruciatingly painful that sometime I cried and I can’t shout because he will cry so I just hold my husband hand, my nipples felt bruised and sometimes I think nearly bleeding but after a month he learn how to latch properly and I feel so happy because until now my toddler is still exclusively breastfeed and his perfectly healthy. When we visit his first paediatrician check-up and the doctor told us to continue breastfeed him until my son is ready to wean.


I remember when he learn to crawl at early stage I almost cry and happy because I see most of his milestone, just like my mother said not all kids are the same we learn to crawl at 7 months while my son learn at 5 months. My son got his first solid food when his 6 months old and we decided to give him mashed potatoes with breast milk at that time I don’t know anything about baby led weaning and I think I’m a little too late when I found out but I know I’m not and starting to teach my son to eat by himself sometimes I’m successful sometimes I’m not. I still remember when his first teeth come out at 7 months and completed it at 15months. I still remember his first walk at 9 months I almost shout when I see his first step I actually take a video of it so we will always remember it and we can tell him in the future how early he can walk. I still remember how he hold my hand when he know he will fall down when his walking and when he want to hug me. I still remember when he turned 1 year old, we decided fine technically I decided that I want to have a private swimming party just us and I know my son love it so much I can see in his face the look when he swam and splash some water on me. I still can’t believe that my son is turning 2 this year I will have a terrible two year old toddler just like they said. But still Elrond Daddy and I will always love you whenever your 1, 2 or 55

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